CSM Arlow Ireland

Angela Gunderson Henriksen

The Henriksen Family

The Ramsey County Historical Society

Steven Red Buffalo Aggregate Industries
Louis H. and Angeline Ervin Arthur Mini
CSM Harley and Vae Kaiser Marshall and Myra Sandy
Willard Wallace Bill Dunn
Jonathan Wilmshurst Barry Pashe
Lee Wilwerding Carl R. Larson
CWO4 Lyle McMullen Leonard Crow Dog
Nathan Smith Maureen Gagliardi
Chief Dennis Pashe Loucks McLagan
Harlan Stout Louis F. Hill

Troop "E"/4th Regiment,
United States Cavalry

Forward User Design and
Demonstration Corporation

Ken Buell Marilyn Mountain
Stephen Boggs Michael Thomas
Rocky J. Otte John D. Byrne
Kelly Cathryn Marie Henriksen Vernon and Jean Lunde
Richard Kearnes Galen Drapeau
Bob Frisbee Larry Aldridge
The Zephier Family Paul O'Keefe
James S. Griffin Thomas and Christa Boling
Garry Pashe The Fund of the Four Directions
Louis D. Bass James Eckern
George Pashe Ingrid Washiniwatok
Bruce Vranish Louis H. Ervin, Jr.
Carolyn Grimes CWO4 Bernard J. O'Rourke
Henry Green Crow Dawn Henriksen
Scott Wilson The Intel Corporation
Arlo Omaha The Owens Family
Gerry Fritsch Amy L. Borgeson
Wallace Black Elk Felix and Isabelle Kidder
Craig Martin Dr. David Taylor
Jack Weatherford Angela Cavender Wilson
Dean Young