Deep Map Level 3--Saint Paul/Minneapolis Metro Area

You are now dropping deeper into the map. Use the navigation arrows to explore, and click on areas of interest to zoom in another level. Use the "1840" button to view the corresponding area of the Nicollet map from that period. Zooming in another level in the area of downtown Saint Paul and the riverbend will make deeper levels available. 

 All the good stuff happens at the border between two maps. It's a given. All the really good stuff happens where four maps come together at the corner. In this case, it is a major metropolitan area built on either side of a minute of latitude that is divisible by 15, meaning that 45 degrees north latitude will divide every major map scale from north to south. In addition, the line of 93 degrees west longitude runs right between the cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, so 7 1/2 minute maps will divide the area into four pieces.